Unser Service

 Attach a personal message : You can attach a personal message with your dress.

The message can contain 50 letters. It will be attached  as a neck label. It is a wonderful gift idea.

Design yourself: There are hundreds of famous designers in the world. We always wear a dress designed by someone else. We can not even modify them. What if we could design ourselves.

Parsley has a team of dedicated designers. They design dresses and propose them. You can buy the dress directly without any change. Or you can change the design according to your wish. Design yourself

Make a dress from zero: Parsley wants to give you more and more possibility to design yourself. You can design a dress from scratch.

  • Select a fabric from our Fabric menu
  • Select a design
  • Customize the design more

And thus, you are able to design a dress from fabric.

Wide size range: We have size from 32 to 50. So we cover a wide range. 

Customize for pregnancy: Pregnancy is a lifetime experience. We customize your dress for pregnancy.

Just give us your normal size (Before pregnancy). We will customize the dress accordingly.