Be Designer Info

We all have a designer mind. As a human being, we can think, we can dream and design. But due to our busy life, all of us can not bring our dream design into reality. Now Parsley is at your side.

Parsley believes that not only the famous designers but also normal people like you and me can design. 

Now please send your design and win!!!


  1. Upload your design. It can be a sketch, a model photo or a photo of an old beloved dress.

2. Please tell us what type of fabric you want for your design. Cotton or Silk or Linen or….

3. Write what you think in comment box.

Fashion brand in your name

  1. If you want to name your design after you name, please let us know. A lot of fashion designer named their design after their name. like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Now you can also name your design as you want.
  2. Example:  If you name is Nira Grob ist, then the design may be named as N.Grob or Nira.G or Nira Grob as you wish.

What you will get...

  1. The first piece of your designed dress.
  2. 5% – 10% of each sale.
  3. If you are a famous person (Instagram / Facebook / Tiktok Influencer), please contact us. We have better package for you.